Induced Theorems & Worldly Conjectures or How to Get Trapped in a Loop
Ping Pong balls, OSB, air compressors, air blower, aluminium, hoses, motors, microcontrollers, dimmer, lever switches, infra red switches, orange AC cord





Installation / 2022

April 8-10, 2022, SONAR Lisboa, Lisbon


Commissioned specially for Sónar+D ‘Induced Theorems & Worldly Conjectures or How to get trapped in a loop’ is the latest work by musician and inventor André Gonçalves. The mind behind renowned modular synthesizer brand ADDAC System, André is a veritable renaissance man: he’s also musician, graphic designer and visual artist. His various disciplines overlap and interact with each other in interesting ways: his modular synthesisers have startling aesthetics.

For Sónar Lisboa he has created, in his own words, “a series of sculptural machines that act as a metaphorical model for simplistic world conceptions.” Using lo-fi, basic materials - wood and ping-pong balls - his machines create hypnotic soundtracks from repetitive rhythms. It’s his own reflection on technology’s sometimes wasteful nature, its way of generating necessities that did not previously exist, for the sake of commercial or economic purposes.

“By reducing the complexity of the modern world, taking shortcuts and manipulatively simplifying it, the piece portrays reality in a ‘prêt-a-porter’ simple, straightforward way - without any concern for logic or truth - making it a retro-fed closed-loop process, where, as in art, any conjecture or proposition is valid no matter how far away from reality the representation is.

Supported by

SONAR Lisboa



Theorem I



Theorem II



Theorem III



Theorem IV



Theorem V



eventually more to come*