Driven By or The Careless Self-Indulgence of Dystopia
Prototype I
10 arduinos, 3 digital compasses, 4 xbees, 9 servos, 3 dc motors, 3 h-bridges, 3 radio control transmitters and receivers, computer, video camera, video capture card, batteries, power supplies




Installation / 2010



Developed during Interactivos?
8-22 April 2010

Presented at exhibition Process As Paradigm
23 April - 30 August 2010

Laboral Centro de Arte, Gijón, Spain


The system in this installation is comprised of two entities: The first, a computer and a video camera, captures all information referring to each of the motorised vehicles: identity, position, speed, motion vectors, collision routes and other pertinent calculations. This information is updated in real time and available on request for the elements that constitute the second entity, the motorised vehicles.
Based on the information received, these will be able to calculate and adjust their route, considering the position of each of the other elements. The set of instructions given to the vehicles obey to basic "Play Tag" rules, so one is chasing the others until it is successful and transfers its task to another vehicle.

Daniel Artamendi

Technical/conceptual feedback/consultation:
Abelardo Gil-Fournier
Boris Oicherman
Damian Stewart
Roman Kirschner
Tommaso Lanza
Wouter Van den Broeck

Thanks to Laboral Team:
Daniel Pietrosemoli
David Móran
Gustavo Valera

Monica Bello Bugallo

Supported by:
Laboral Centro de Arte >>

C++ application developed in OpenFrameworks


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