artist's in residence program

Unfortunatly i'm suspending this program until further notice, thanks to all of you who have been applying.

Bairro Alto Neighbourhood

home what

in this page i'm offering to share my house with you, to host you for the good sake of promote discussion and sharing knowledge, practitions and methods for a certain period of time.


i can spare a room and give you full access to all house commodities which includes: the etching table studio, the electronics workshop, a kitchen (fully equiped plus washing machine and dish washer
), bathroom and weekly house cleaning.

for whom

everyone working activelly in sound art, media art or installation field, from programmers to hardware hackers | circuit bent developers and street art practitioners...

someone easy living with, doing interesting artwork and up for paying for his own traveling expenses for staying right in the center of warm and sunny Lisbon.

because money matters
i will not charge any ammount of money for the accomodation or inherent expenses (water, electricity or gas).
i will not support any project with any ammount of money, i will not support any travelling, i will not provide any per diem, all these items have to be supported by yourself.

what to send
preferable, an email with internet links for easy and overall understanding of your work
a specific project concept,an investigation idea, or a plan with description and relevant documentation in all formats (audio, photos, videos...)
anything else you think it's necessary

Please contact me in forehand if you're sending heavy emails, in such cases upload sit / zip files to your server sending me the link or use some digital content delivery platform like yousendit.

Every resident will have to write a report before leaving the house, this report will be used for this section of my website as well as for my own balance of the activities, making me try to improve weaker points anyone mention

I have good relations with several different venues in Lisbon and Portugal, whenever possible i will try to arrange a space for the presentation of the residence artistic results, one that better convey the specific presentation needs either if it's a performance or an installation.

when to submit
There is no submission period, send them whenever you feel like it

when to come
This will be discussed after you receive my invitation but i'm idealising it to last from a week to a month

Basically there is no way to make this step easy, it will allways feel awkward, and there's no perfect way to put it by words here, so this will be my try to make it a clear statement and disclaimer :
I don't feel like judging any project, i'll invite people over according to the submissions received over time and accordingly to my private life time constraints and compromises
, i'll invite people according to my empathy with the project and the artist's previous works.
A confirmation email will be sent to every submission, there is
no reply saying you're in or out, either you get an invitation email or you don't, sorry for that but this will make it easier for me, i don't do this for a living, this program will sum up in my own work commitments, and have to be very organic and easy dealing with, so i'll be checking submission emails and as the time-oportunities comes i'll go through emails and invite someone over.

the neighbourhood

google maps

any question

questions [at] undotw [dot] org

send all applications to

home [at] undotw [dot] org



Crash In / Tag Along
night crash and tag residence

If you're just passing by Lisbon and need a place to stay, if you're a street artist and need a place to make a base for late night paste-ups, stencil action, you can try dropping me a line and i might have a room to spare

crashin [at] undotw [dot] org


eventually more to come*


Artist in Residence

Who's around

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No artist in residence at this period

Who's Been Crashing in
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Phill Niblock (US) »

Katherine Liberoskaya
(RU / CA)

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previously in residence

Damian Stewart (NZ)


Damien Stewart graduated in Computer Science and works as a digital artist and musician, we met in Madrid Media Lab Interactivos residence, i invited him over and by chance he became my first official artist in residence.

Residency report

Being resident artist at 'Home' gave me access to the following opportunities:

- performed with Pedro Boavida as part of the NIP|Sonic Scope|Upgrade! Lisbon Edição Especial 2007, Estudio da Bomba Suicida, Lisboa (21 September 2007)

- invited to join New Interfaces for Performance

- took a trip to Caceras in Spain, and met the curators of the Museo
Vostell Malpartida

- performed at O Século, Lisboa (25 September 2007)

- performed as part of the Variable Geometry Orchestra at Casa da Música, Oporto (12 October 2007)

- met and formed a collaborative alliance with artist Rudolfo Quintas

- performed as part of the Variable Geometry Orchestra at ZDB, Lisboa (20 October 2007)

- performed with Armando Pereira at Creative Fest #1, Estudio da Bumba Suicida, Lisboa (10 November 2007)

- operated a semi-spontaneous intervention on Rua da Rosa - an adaptation of Sounds Like Light, Lights Like Sound (
http://www.frey.co.nz/projects/soundslikelight ) to operate on a busy night-life street over the weekend (10-11 November 2007)

Not only did i get all of this, but it was in a great location, the host was excellent, and i felt very welcome as a guest. Would definitely go again.

Damian Stewart


Kyd Campbell (CAN)


Kyd Campbell works as an independent programmer and curator specialized in circulation, media and audio art and is also as a digital creator of public interactive situations. She has developed a number of cultural venues in Canada and Eastern Europe including collaborations with the Upgrade! International network, Public Art Lab's project Mobile Studios, the Pure Data community, the HTMlles festival and CTRL_ATL_DEL festival
in Istanbul. She is also a co-founder of TinyNoise, a nomadic sound art exchange platform and contributes to digital communities and research groups focused on observing mobility and the emotional aspects of human-machine relationships. Remaining independent allows her some freedom to speculate and experiment, to welcome all forms of collaboration and information exchange.

Her art works exist in public space as proposals for changes and
questions about the digital future. She is currently working on RAINBOWS a mobile, interactive unit that gives users the opportunity to discard their digital data safely while contributing to the making of real rainbows. The project uses solar power and open-source software and hardware solutions.