/ Installation
for Super 8 Projector and Analog Synthesizer
Hacked Super 8 Projector, Analog Synthesizer, Electronics, Dimmers, Arduino based dimmer controller, servos, envel
ope follower




Video Excerpt*, 4min, 35mb
Edited to show three short moments of a 30 minutes performance
*Excerpt video recorded from the projection on the wall with a miniDv camera in very low light condition, actual brightness of the super 8 projection is much more intense and has much more detail than this excerpt can translate




Performance / Installation / 2009


This is a totally diferent work from my previous ones and my first experiences playing solo with only an analog synth with which i have been playing in collective ensembles for almost two years in improvised contexts.
This new performance as mentioned above involve a super 8 projector and a doepfer analog modular synthesizer.
The super 8 projector was hacked so that the amplitude of the sound played controls the intensity of the light bulb and also have a manual control for the speed of the projector flickering (which, due to framerate compression, is not visible in the video excerpt).
The choice of the fairly distorted sounds played is meant to relate to the real-time destruction of the film projected images.
The performance develops in several stages, with different burning processes and different sound approaches.
The film used is not super 8 film but instead 35mm slide film.
The video shown below was recorded from my first live presentation and both sound and video is being refined so that it becomes better as i get more and more used and comfortable with the setup described.


Previous Presentations
New York

Lab Synthèse

Netmage Festival






photos taken from details of slide projections made with the resultant 35mm film